Stop for a moment and remember what it is to feel and experience hope, belief, the thrill of possibility? What about assertiveness & confidence?  How about Joy & the thrill of Loving?

Wait there’s more- compassion for all we are being presented with, compassion for self!

How about feeling and recognizing tenderness, awe, and satisfaction for who you are and for a job well done?

WE are all being called into a new space.  One filled with Hope, Joy, Light! & LOVE!

Now – more than ever it is important for you to recognize that which lies inside-Your Light!   Let it Shine!

Join me for your Free Introductory classes in ‘Challenges of Change’, Introduction to the Five Rhythms Zoom webinar and learn how to transform yourself!


Class dates & times:

Many Blessings!

Sigma Theta Tau - North America West Region

Virtual Conference
May 28, 2020
6pm - 8pm CST / 5pm-7pm MST / 4pm-6pm PST
Gratis Virtual Conference brought to you by a Sigma Grant for Regions 1 - 5

Title of Interactive Workshop: Clearing Stale Energy & Releasing Our Joy!


  1. Discuss techniques for clearing self of stale energy
  2. Demonstrate techniques for clearing stale energy
  3. Experience gentle 2nd Chakra and Heart opening


Life stressors accumulate over time and cause our positive characteristics to dim.  Chronic stress responses produce cellular and organ damage.  Our emotional, physical, spiritual, and energetic systems become imbalanced as a result of prolonged stress.  The longer we walk in stress responses, the more our ego dictates our actions in daily life.  Our subtle Heart energy is no longer heard.  We walk about this life journey with a lesser awareness of our purpose.  We remember what Joy is, however, we have forgotten what Joy feels like due to its absence in our life.  Releasing stress energy creates space in the body for positive life-giving energy to enter within.  Techniques to restore Joy in our lives is easy to learn and perform on self and others.


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