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We all have them, thoughts that pass us by like a shooting star, then disappear as quickly as they came. Thoughts that rekindle our imagination to a connection to something timeless in a temporal world. These moments engage our subtle body that exist in a form unknown to most of us in a practical perspective, yet permeate our being in felt sense of knowing that surrounds our movement throughout time and space. The psyche seeks wholeness and presents circumstances and symptoms, beckoning us to pay attention to what may have been brushed aside.

The ego serves us well in the obvious rigors of daily living, keeping us from touching a hot stove, driving our cars, doing our taxes, the list goes on and on. The subtle energy body deserves the same attention – why else do we seek escape in movies, books, theatre, and the arts? Everyone needs to know there is something more than the day to day exercise of bill paying on this planet. Engaging the opposites, allowing for a physical understanding of the body as well as an energetic sensibility, unites the ego and soul into wholeness. We treat the physical body in a traditional medical model with doctors, nurses, specialists and years of research – easily accessible through our current medical system. Enlisting the guidance of an energy practitioner brings balance into our body, mind, emotions and Spirit.

Dr. Gail V. is an energy healer who understand the dynamic of actively working with subtle heart energy. Albert Einstein famously said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again and expecting different results.” Our continual search for answers in a singular, corporeal landscape facilitates this imbalance. The equilibrium we seek can only manifest itself in the steadiness that comes from embodying the gifts of both these worlds. Dr. Gail V. materializes both her history of over 50 years in the medical field, (see her curriculum vitae), and transitioning to the energetic model of health and wellness care in recent years.

Dr. Gail V. is a sought-out authority in the field of energetics, teaching the public, patients, health care and healing arts professionals, Energy Medicine to transform harmful effects of stress into health.  She is an expert in integrative holistic health practices: pain management, resolving harmful effects of stress, infusing Joy, Peace & Love in daily living, raising energetic vibrations, and promoting health, vitality & wellbeing.  Dr. Van Kanegan is currently an Eden Method Energy Medicine instructor and advanced practitioner, national and international speaker and maintains a private Energy Medicine Practice.