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Workshops Offered by MidWest Energy Movement

  • Acute & Chronic Pain Management using Holistic Integrative Energy Medicine Techniques
  • Energy Medicine 101
  • Energy Medicine 102
  • Pain Relief Without Drugs
  • Introduction to Energy Medicine
  • Introduction to the Five Rhythms (elements)
  • Communication Patterns: Learn Your Five Rhythms Communication Styles
  • Energizing and Balancing Your Energy System
  • AutoImmune Disease and Your Immune System
  • Taking Care of Your Self With Energy Medicine
  • Stress Effects and Quality of Life
  • Empowerment
  • Chakras- Your Energy Center
  • Introduction to Crystals and Their Uses
  • Anxiety and Depression Do NOT Have To Control You
  • Womyn’s Health Issues
  • Medical Health Imbalances:
    • Blood Pressure, Heart Disorders, and Irregularities, Cholesterol, Womyn’s Health, Osteoporosis and Arthritis, Menopausal Health, Sexuality and Sexual Health, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Herpes, Depression, Bipolar Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, Allergies, Asthma, COPD, Health Prevention for all age groups

New Workshop/Class Options:

Offered in Rochester, MN or in Your Hometown
On-Line Workshop available
90 Minute education sessions to increase your intuition, sensitivity, knowledge, and safety.


Classes Offered


Level 1:  Fundamentals - Eden Method Energy Medicine (2020-2021)

Rochester, MN and North Freedom Wisconsin

The Level 1: Fundamentals Program in Rochester, MN is a one-year program designed for those people desiring in-depth coursework and supervision in Donna Eden’s style of Energy Medicine.

The main purpose of the Level 1: Fundamentals is educational, and classes will include lecture, small group time for practice, as well as question and answer sessions.

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Empowerment Through Energy Series

Designed especially for children, teens and all age novices of the Energies

  • How We Interpret Energy Through the Senses
  • How You Make a Difference in Our World of Energy
  • Discover Your Guides and Navigate Your Journey Through the Energies
  • Sensory Types and Elemental Rhythms in Your Approach to Being Empowered
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Develop Your Chakra Garden
  • Connecting With Spirit
  • Healing Transformations- Spiritual & Physical
  • Medicinal Herb Garden- Simple & Easy!
  • Healing With Nature- You Can Connect Deeper
  • Quieting the Mind and Stepping Into Heart Space
  • What’s Love Got To Do With It?
  • Clearing Your Chakras- Yes You Can Do This!
  • Increase Physical and Mental Energy
  • How to Stop the Cycle of Anxiousness
  • Getting Out of Depression
  • Relieving Pain-Acute & Chronic
  • Can’t Sleep? Try These Simple Techniques to Better Health
  • Meditation? A New Look at Utilizing a Powerful Tool
  • Grounding Techniques – Stubborn Symptoms Not Resolving?  Get Your Energy Crossing Over Body.

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Learning about Your ‘Special Gifts’ with the Energies

Designed for individuals who sense energy but don’t know what to do about it.

Every Age Person is Welcome!

  • You Are NOT Alone – You Are NOT Strange- Mentoring for Novices, Young and Mature
  • Understanding What the Energy is About
  • You Are Gifted! You See Colors, Angels, Fairies- and More!
  • Increase Your Intuitive Gifts
  • Crystals, Sound Vibration, Sacred Geometry
  • Being Empathic- Why I Take On Others Energy to Help Them Feel Better
  • Recognizing & Clearing - When You Have Taken On Another’s Energy
  • Self-Protection from Other’s Energies
  • Developing Your Support Group

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  • Balancing Your Energy Systems
  • Energy Healing Retreat: Caring for Self
  • Managing Chronic Pain Through Healing the Energy System
  • Part I: Healing the Immune System through Energy Healing
  • Part II: Healing the Immune System through Energy Healing
  • Women’s Health and Energy Healing
  • Chakra and Neurovascular Balancing
  • Balancing Energy in Depression
  • Releasing Stress, Letting Go, & Moving Forward

New Workshop /Class Options:

Offered in Rochester MN or in Your Hometown
On-Line Workshop available
90 Minute education sessions to increase your intuition, sensitivity, knowledge, and safety.

Healing Sessions

In Person Healing Session

  • First session is 2 hours long
  • Second and future appointments 1.5 hours long
  • Session includes full holistic & energetic evaluation
  • Learning the Daily Energy Routine
  • Correction of energetic imbalances
  • Learning energetic ‘homework’ to stabilize energy corrections
  • Handouts provided with energy exercises and homework
  • 24-hour support offered to you
  • Follow-up sessions offered based on your energetic needs
  • Fee – $75/hour

Shamanic Healing Session

Utilizes Native American and Indigenous healing methods and rituals.

  • Soul Retrieval, clearing, extraction
  • Chakra Clearing
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Death, Dying & Rebirth
  • Journey for Power Animal
  • Journey to Upper, Lower World
  • Journey to help with Transitioning to Spirit
  • Fee: $75.00/hour In-Person, $125.00 /hour Distance

Distance Healing Sessions

  • Energy Healing done remotely from my office while you are in the comfort of your home.
  • 10 minute phone or Zoom/Skype consultation before session to meet you.
  • You rest in comfortable space while session is occurring.
  • You are notified when session begins and ends with a text message.
  • Full report of session provided to you via email within 24 hours after session is completed (usually at end of my work-day)
  • Daily Energy Routine handouts emailed prior to Distance Energy Session
  • Bonus booklet of De-stress techniques emailed in advance of Distance Session
  • All Questions answered to your satisfaction
  • 15 minute post Distance Session to answer questions as you desire
  • 24 hour support offered to you
  • Fee  for Distance Session – $125.00
  • Phone consultations longer than stated times will be rated based on hourly fee of $125.00

Professional Consultation / Guidance

  • Guiding your life choices
  • Making sense of the challenges present in your life
  • Prioritizing your needs for Spiritual Growth
  • Recognizing your true potential
  • Health Advocate, Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Understanding medical diagnosis and treatment options you have been offered
  • Medication Counsel & Guidance, Side effects, purpose, Interactions with Herbals
  • Listening to Your Heart
  • Quieting the Ego
  • Talking / Listening to Your Angels & Guides
  • Fee- $125/hour

The Art of Raising Frequency

  • Creates a Frequency Shift of Your Energy to Restore Harmony
  • Awaken and Integrate More of Your True Essence
  • Raises Consciousness
  • Connect with Your True-Life Purpose
  • Activate your Inner Self-Healing Abilities
  • Utilizes Divinity cards, Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, Crystal Grids
  • High Vibration Art and Crystals of Sacred Geometry utilized
  • Session is Guided by Divine Energy for Your Highest Good
  • Session is 2 hours long
  • Fee: $100.00/hour